"Jamás te dejare por nadie" dijo tu ex- amiga, si esa que ahora te odia.


What the hell did I do to make you hate me?

My best friend basically ignores me since she got her boyfriend. She's always texting him and she barely ever replies to my texts, and I know she's seen them because it tells you when she's read it. She's always too busy talking to him to even reply to me and whenever we hang out she's always texting him too and barely pays attention to anything I'm saying! It's really starting to bug me now cause it seems like I'm making all the effort in this friendship! 😩 xx


I lost a good friendship because she put her boyfriend number 1 before any of her friends and ignored us unless she needed us. If you dont think shes being a good friend then just tell her your fed up with being a second option. I dont think its a problem she spends a lot of tim with her boyfriend, thats normal and a lot of friendships go that way when someone gets a boyfriend, but its quite rude that she spends the whole time on her phone when shes with you and you should tell her it offends you xxx